2U Fiber Optic Patch Panel, Capacity 4 LGX Adapter Plates / Cassettes / Modules, Unloaded, Lexan Front Door, Black Powder Coat

Regular price $175.39

Our 2U Fiber Optic Patch Panel provides many flexible fiber patching configurations in a 2U form factor. It accommodates up to 4 LGX adapter plates, MPO break modules or splitter cassettes. Slide out trays and removable front and back doors allow easy access to the patch bay. Multiple cable retention brackets and tie down spots allow for convenient cable management. Spring-loaded stop latches keep the tray securely in place when retracted. This enclosure installs into a standard 19-inch rack and includes non-flush brackets. Adapter plates, 23 inch mounting brackets and 19 inch flush mounting brackets are sold separately.

Slide-Out Patch Panel Enclosures are designed for both high and low density patching and splicing applications. Constructed from durable 14 gauge aluminum, these enclosures are lightweight and rugged. Cable organization features include may slack management spools, cable routing rings and tie down bridge stances. All our fiber rack mount enclosures fit standard 19 inch racks and cabinets.

  • Slide Out Tray with Spring Loaded Stop Latch
  • Holds 4 LGX Adapter Plates, Cassettes, or Modules
  • Adapter Plates, Cassettes, and Modules not included
  • Multiple Tie Downs and Cable Retention Brackets
  • Hinged Front and Rear Removable Doors
  • Transparent Lexan Front Door
  • Rugged 14 Gauge Aluminum, Black
  • Dimensions: 17in W x 14in D x 3.5in H
  • Warranty: 30 days
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 1.00 lbs