2Way 2.5GHz Satellite TV Signal Splitter DC Power Pass

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2.5GHz High Frequency DC Power Pass Splitter designed for satellite TV.

There are two types of TV signal splitters.One is a DC pass Signal Splitter and another is an AC pass Signal Splitter.DC PASS is commonly used for line powered amplifyer which is used in Satellite TV. Typically DC12V is fed through the splitter to power Satellite devices. WA2608 and WA2608 uses AC15V to power motor and amplifier built into Antenna, therefore AC pass signal splitter is required.If you are using WA2608 or WA2608, this in not a right one. Choose AC power pass splitter.**

  • 2 Way Splitter
  • Frequency range : 5 ~ 2,500MHz
  • DC power pass
  • Mounting screw included
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