Bulk Dual Cat6 and Dual RG6U Quad Shield with Green Outer Jacket, Spool, 500 foot

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This cable is constructed of two Cat6 cables (Blue and Grey) and two RG6 cables (Black and White) bundled inside of an outer jacket (CM Rated) and a maximum operating temperature of 75C.

Each Cat6 cable is constructed with 4 solid copper 23AWG twisted pairs and a center spline. Jacket is CM Rated.

Each RG6 coaxial cable is quad shielded 3.0 GHz: outer aluminum braid (40% coverage), outer double foil of aluminum, inner aluminum braid (60% coverage) and one more aluminum foil layer. The center conductor is CCS (copper clad steel)

  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Color: Green
  • End 1: Bare end
  • End 2: Bare end
  • Length: 500 feet
  • Wire Gauge: 24, 18 AWG
  • Shield Type: foil+braid