Computer / Monitor Power Extension Cord, Blue, C13 to C14, 14AWG,15 Amp

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The primary use for these cables is in connecting server/computer systems, network switches, and other rack-mountable and high-density hardware in the data center and server room to power delivery units and/or uninterruptible power supply power banks/walls. Other common uses include extending any C13 ended cable by an additional 8 feet.

This 8-foot blue computer/monitor/printer power extension cord features a C13 (female) connector on one end and a C14 (male) connector on the other end. The cable is SVT with 3 14AWG(American Wire Gauge) conductors rated for 125 Volts, 15 Amps, and an operating temperature of 105C.

These cables are offered in a variety of lengths and colors in order to provide the greatest flexibility and clarity in a highly stressful environment. If you color-code your hardware's power connections you are less likely to make mistakes, especially when things are going wrong.

  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Color: Blue
  • End 1: C13 Monitor/PC Female Power Plug
  • End 2: 3-Prong Power Plug
  • Length: 8ft, 6ft, 4ft, 3ft, 2ft
  • Wire Gauge: 14 AWG
  • Weight: 0.90 lbs