LANID Network Device and Link Verifier, Supports 10/100 Fast Ethernet

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The LANID is an essential tool for verifying and troubleshooting local area networks. It is designed for network administrators to quickly diagnose problems during LAN installation and repair. With a simple push of a button, the LANID will display the status of network devices, whether it is running a 10BASE-T or 100BASE-T network.

Furthermore, the LANID is also equipped with a Portfinder function to quickly identify the corresponding port location on the Switch/Hub. The compact design provides the user with optimum convenience and portability..


The LANID is the quintessential diagnostic tool for network installers and troubleshooters working with small LANs. Using the LANID, network administrators can quickly confirm features of LAN devices and diagnose problems during LAN installation. With a push of a button, the LANID will determine whether the device you are testing whether it supports the following topologies and capabilities:

  • Auto negotiation
  • 100BASE-Tx full duplex
  • 100BASE-Tx half duplex
  • 10BASE-T full duplex
  • 10BASE-T half duplex
  • 100BASE-T4

Moreover, the LAN ID can also act as a network device, negotiating with other LAN devices to determine faults. The ?auto-negotiation? function provides automatic speed matching for multi-speed devices, allowing devices to configure to the best possible mode of operation over a link. When linked up with another LAN device, the LAN ID will provide the following information about that device:

  • Whether the link is up or not
  • Whether the device is transmitting a packet or not
  • Whether the device is working in full duplex mode or half duplex mode
  • Whether the device is operating in 100BASE-Tx, 10BASE-T or 100BASE-T4 mode
  • Whether a data transmission error has occurred The compact "pen style" design provides the user with optimum convenience and portability.

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