NETfinder Pro3 test Sequences, Tone Generator, Portfinder

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This NETfinder Pro 3 test Sequences Tone Generator Portfinder will help you verify that all ethernet patch cables and in-wall installations are properly terminated. Use the included short ethernet cables to test between a keystone jack and patch panel. The NETfinder Pro 3 will tell you exactly which wire is not terminated properly if there is an error. This tester will also allow you to plug a finished patch cable in to look for shorts and mis-wirings.

NETfinder is the newest generation of the LANTest family, with an advance circuit design surpassing the original technology. NETfinder is a perfect companion to network professionals and students, for commercial and residential applications. NETfinder is designed to enhance users? ability to quickly locate and verify the status of common and standard voice and data cables. It combines the functions of a convenient cable tester with a built-in low emission frequency "TONE" generator. NETfinder is also equipped with PORTfinder functions to trace a cable back to the hub/switch. With NETfinder, cable tracing and testing is now ONE easy step

  • Tests for wiring faults of open, short, reversed and crossed
  • Verification of shield integrity
  • Specially designed remote unit that enables one person to test installed cables
  • Built-in Portfinder function to trace ports back to switch
  • Easy to read fault display and high speed testing
  • Low battery indicator
  • Tone Generator Features
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Weight: 0.45 lbs