Serial Extension Cable, DB9 Male to DB9 Female, RS-232, 9 Conductor, 1:1

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Our 100 foot high quality serial extension cable features molded connectors and gold plated contacts for superior corrosion resistance ensuring a solid connection for the life of the cable. This male to female 1:1 serial cable is solidly constructed, UL rated and RoHS Compliant.

Fully shielded 9-pin serial cable; also can be used for monochrome or CGA/EGA monitor cable extention.

  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Color: Beige
  • Converts: Converts back and forth between DB9 Male Plug and DB9 Female Plug
  • End 1: DB9 Male Plug
  • End 2: DB9 Female Plug
  • Length: 100ft, 50ft, 25ft, 15ft, 10ft, 6ft, 3ft, 1ft
  • Wire Gauge: 28 AWG