Smart Fiber Meter For Singlemode Fiber

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The Infrared Fiber Tester Pro is primarily used for checking the signal output power of the optical communication equipment in fiber optical networks. It measures the average power of a continuous light beam which emits from the equipment or other optic sources.

The Infrared Fiber Tester Pro consists of a solid state InGas photo diode, signal power measurement circuitry, and 2 digit LED display. Users just connect a fiber cable between the transmission port of the equipment and the universal

interface on the Infrared Fiber Tester Pro, or they can connect to other light source. The product will show the exact amount of the received power value (in-dBm). The test ranges are 30dBm~ -15dBm in wavelength.


* Verifies Singlemode fiber optic networks

* Tests wavelengths 850nm/1300nm ( multi-mode) 1310nm/1550 (single-mode)

* Universal connector : Fits ST/SC/FC/FDDA interfaces

* Pen style portable and easy to use

* Low power consumption

* Easy to read power indicator

* Low battery indicator

  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Weight: 2.00 lbs